My 52 Tuesdays was a worldwide participatory project spanning over two years (October 2013 – December 2015) where people built and shared a unique portrait of a year in their lives. Every week, every Tuesday, a question was posed to everyone involved – and answered by writing down their response and taking their photo with it. See answers to the same questions from your closest friends and creative people all over the world. You could share your photos or keep them private. It was a project about you, set in time, distinctly personal and lovingly communal – but only if you chose it to be so, because ultimately it was a project about choice. And only on Tuesdays. How much did you share?


The My 52 Tuesdays interactive photo booth was a location-specific chance to take a moment to “tune in” to your life, get a photo memento, and begin your year-long project. The photo booth was be at Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier venue throughout the festival (except maybe for the occasional special outing somewhere!).

MY52T_photobooth_1 MY52T_photobooth_2


My 52 Tuesdays was a companion project to the new feature film 52 Tuesdays and a collaboration between Closer Productions and experience design company, Sandpit. This version of the app and website was released January 2014. Feel free to email Privacy Policy and Terms of Service