I’ve signed in and want to participate. What do I do? 

We made a film – 52 Tuesdays – and our challenge was to shoot every Tuesday for one year… and only on Tuesdays. Your challenge is to answer one question every Tuesday for the next 52 weeks. Each Tuesday we will send you a question. Record your answer by writing it down and taking a your photo with it. Each time, you will have the option to share your photo or keep it private. The choice will be yours. You will receive your first question on the current or next Tuesday, depending on when you’ve started. You can only respond on Tuesdays. How much will you share? If it’s not a Tuesday, you can still have a look around at other people’s answers or at the questions.

I prefer to just browse and not participate. What do I do? 

On the website you can view other people’s answers and scroll through to see each week they have contributed, as well as viewing all the questions posed by us, without having to log in or register. On the app you need to register to access any content.

How do I find other people’s answers?

In the app, your home page shows a real time feed that updates during Tuesdays as the question is answered by people across the world. Outside of Tuesdays that feed will stay the same, but you can browse through to find different people’s answers. You can also search by tapping on the top right hand corner button. Here you can search via question, user, location of answers, view all your favourited answers and the most popular answers in the project. Via this search menu you can also search view the Tuesdays you have completed and see what different people have answered to the same questions you have been posed.

You can also perform a text search of a user’s name or any word from any question posed. You can also search by keywords that link different questions into relevant themes and categories, including “family”, “secrets”, “identity”, & “sexuality”.

Is everyone in the world answering the same question at the same time?

Everyone participating receives same question as everyone else each Tuesday.

Do I have to answer on Tuesday?

You can answer the week’s question only on Tuesday – from anytime between 00:00 am and 11:59 pm, your time. Of course, you don’t have to answer a question if you don’t want to!

I chose to ‘skip for now’ instead of answering the question but now I’m ready to answer. How do I answer the question?

The active question will pop up again eventually, while you browse the app. If not, simply go out of the app and open again and you should receive a chance to answer the question again.

What happens if I don’t answer a question?

If you don’t answer you will still be able to see everyone else’s answers to that question. You can also choose to answer but keep it private. If you do this, you will be able to see your image but no one else will.

Can I make my image private?

Yes. Once you have submitted your photo you can choose to make it private.  If your image is private it will not show to other people (a “private image” will appear to others). You will still be able to see the photo if you are logged in but it will have a small lock icon to indicate you set it to private. You can change the privacy of an image anytime but remember, someone else can share anytime it is public. To change the privacy later on, go to the SHARE button in the bottom right hand corner under your selected image and select PRIVATE. It will instantly update. For further information about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, see at the bottom of this page.

Can I make my photo not appear on the LOCATION map?

Yes, but only before you photograph your response to a question. To turn off your location on your iOS device, simply go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services where you can toggle on/off for the My52Tues app. Turning off will mean the next time you photograph a response, it will not appear in the LOCATION map. It cannot be changed. To turn off your location on your Android device, simply go to Settings>Location Services and make sure ‘Use Wireless networks’ and ‘Use GPS satellites’ are not checked. Note: this will turn off location globally on your Android phone so you will have to turn on again afterwards to use  location services for other apps.


This version of the app and website has been just released so if you experience any errors we’d love to hear from you. For any enquiries relating to the app or your account, please contact apps@closerproductions.com.au

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